Electro Ceramic & Device Group is founded in?1999. ?Technology Licensed from Panasonic.?ecd_intro_01

Capability Highlights

  • High Accuracy Multi-layer LTCC Substrate (X,Y tolerance +/- 0.05%; 10 times better than conventional shrinkage process +/-0.5%)
  • Cu Slug Ceramic Substrate (> 300W/m'k Thermal Conductivity)
  • Hermetic Ceramic Package?(10^-8)
  • Custom Thin/Thick Film?Service
  • Turnkey Assembling Packaging Service (GGI, C4, ACF, COB, SMT, Encapsulation & Dicing)

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Substrate/Material Option?

Low Temp. Co-fired Ceramic
(Glass Ceramic)
Shrinkage Process
(X,Y tolerance +/-0.5%)
Non-Shrinkage Process
(X,Y tolerance +/-0.05%)
Technology transferred from Panasonic
since 1999
High Temp. Ceramic


  • Thick Film Process with Various Metal Options (example: Ag, Cu, Al or Au)
  • Thin Film Process with Various Metal Option(example: Ti/Cu, Cu or Al)
  • Metal Roughness: 0.05um by Polishing or 0.3um by Lapping

Electrolytic & Electro-less Plating

Electrolytic: Cu, Ni/Au
Electroless: Ni/Pd/Au, Ni/Au



The Best Annual LED Thermal Dissipation Technology Award ¨Low Cost Cu Slug Ceramic Substrate¨



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